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Discover Sphere's new Explainable AI features. We built on top of Open AI's cutting-edge architecture to provide you with state-of-the-art insights, indicators, and analytics so you can confidently guide your investment decisions.

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Sphere, the AI platform for investment professionals, and its dashboard

AI adoption begins today.

Not tomorrow.

The CFA Institute estimates that over 80% of investment professionals are already seeking to integrate AI into their investment process. In the next 2 years, it is expected that almost every institutional investor will leverage AI to enhance their portfolios.

Enter a new dimension of
Alpha Generation.

Discover how AI portfolio construction drives superior Alpha with respect to traditional methodologies.


Avg. sharpe


Lower portfolio


Increase in
annual returns**

*Source: MDOTM Ltd's elaboration on Sphere and Bloomberg data. The AI Portfolio Construction Benefit (here represented using Sharpe Ratio and Turnover data) has been calculated by comparing the risk-return profile achieved by 2500+ portfolios built according to the Black & Litterman methodology and Sphere's AI one, while using the same expected return inputs and investable universe. **Main Alpha generated from Sphere's proprietary AI-driven indicators. Click here to access the full research.

Integrate AI today.
Available through platform and APIs.

Sphere seamlessly plugs in your investment process. Use it independently or via APIs and start leveraging MDOTM's proprietary AI to enhance your portfolios.

Move the arrows to see the investment process with and without AI.

MDOTM - How AI can add value to the investment process.

Integrate standalone. Or via API.

Power your investment process directly through Sphere or via API. Sphere is a solution that easily integrates AI into any investment process.

Bring AI in Your Portfolio.

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