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We are a dynamic team that never stops learning and discovering. Our continuous growth has been driven by the exceptional talent of every individual that has joined our team. Do you feel like a perfect fit? MDOTM is the right place for you.

Our Values

At MDOTM everyone leads by example, thinks big, and most importantly, never quits! These are just some of our core values that we apply every day to our work. We are driven by an exceptional teamwork, a constant exchange of ideas, and a horizontal organisation that makes every team member actively have a voice, no matter their role.

MDOTM office environment
MDOTM Team at the annual company retreat


We support our exceptional team by making every team member actively involved, no matter their experience, or role. From flexible remote work conditions, to wonderful company gatherings inside and outside the office, don’t miss out on a rewarding and unique work environment!

Join the Biggest Team of AI in Investments

Below you find our job openings between the London and Milan offices.
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Backend Developer

MDOTM is looking for an outstanding Java software engineer who will be working with our Engineering team and help develop, maintain, and....

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Junior Frontend Developer‚Äć

You will be working on MDOTM technology as part of our engineering team. The main areas of focus will be the MDOTM platform, a new...

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Data Analyst

We’re looking for an outstanding Data Analyst who can actively contribute to the operations of a fast growing fintech scaleup...

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Operations Specialist

MDOTM is looking for an outstanding Operations Specialist passionate about financial markets with strong business orientation and...

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Data Scientist

MDOTM is looking for outstanding data scientists with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence, statistical modeling...

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Junior Content Marketing - Intern

MDOTM is looking for an outstanding Junior Content Editor (Intern) with a strong business orientation, creativity and communication...

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