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Our Mission: Bring AI Into Every Portfolio

Our world is becoming more complex everyday, and financial markets are no exception. At MDOTM, we firmly believe that the scientific method is the most reliable approach to navigate this new financial context. Over the last decade, we brought together an exceptionally talented group of people with one mission: to bring AI into every portfolio by developing the most reliable and sophisticated AI, used to support institutional investors in their decision-making process.

MDOTM was founded in 2015 in London, and was the only European Fintech selected for Google’s Silicon Valley acceleration programme. This year MDOTM was awarded one of the best AI Fintech companies in the world by Fintech Global.

Our proprietary AI engine continuously analyses millions of market data points, and provides forward-looking investment views on expected risk and return of single-stocks and at a sector and asset class level.

MDOTM was the first AI-driven advisor to sign the UN PRI, joining the leading international network of institutional investors committed to including ESG criteria in their investment process. Today, we are the largest AI-focused investments team in Europe, working all together to develop the best AI technology for investment decision-making.


AI and finance experts, physicists, and engineers working to develop a bespoke AI technology for investments.


Lines of code written in Python and C++ since the founding of MDOTM in 2015.


Capital raised to accelerate business as well as MDOTM's international expansion.

Our Mission

The increasing complexity of financial markets has turned technology into the key to extracting signals hidden in the huge volume of noisy background data. Our goal is to bring the scientific method into the world of investments. We use the power of cloud computing, big data and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to tie behavioural finance findings with science and turn market anomalies into actionable investment strategies.

Work hard, play harder

Even though we are a team of scientists always looking for our next challenge, we also take the time to grow as a team. Join our team of scientists and begin shaping the future of investments.

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