Upgrade your investments with unbiased AI insights
Forward-Looking Inputs For Your Investment Decisions
Improve accuracy and performance of your clients' portfolios with forward-looking investment inputs.
• Comprehensive Market Outlook
Obtain a comprehensive perspective on market conditions across various asset classes, spanning commodities, fixed income, and equity.
Market Regime Analysis
Sphere compares the current market structure to historical regimes, offering insights into the characteristics of the present market regime and its expected duration.
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In-Depth market outlook
Sphere provides you with an in-depth market outlook, supported by numerous metrics and insights that will help you guide your decisions.
Driving Macro Context
Whether you are looking at commodities, fixed income, or equity, Sphere provides all the relevant variables you need.
• Comment On Current Market Conditions
Sphere not only provides comprehensive market metrics, but also displays a text commentary explaining current market conditions.
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Comprehensive Market Regime Analysis
Sphere identifies historical market regimes, analyzing past data to understand the various phases that markets have undergone. It then compares the current market structure to these historical regimes, providing insights into the existing market regime's characteristics and expected duration.
Market Regimes Across Asset Classes & Geographies
Sphere provides a complete market regime analysis at an asset class, sector, and geographic level.
Evolution of Regime Probabilities
Get the expected probabilities of market regimes (low risk, mid risk, high risk) over a 1-month window.
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Some Of The Insights Offered By Sphere
Standalone or via APIs
Expected Returns
Var-Covar Matrix
Expected Risk Scenario
Market Regime Forecast
Commentaries For Indicators
Over/Under Weight Indicators
Driving Macro Context
The strategic partnership with MDOTM Ltd is a key step forward for MGIM on our digitalization journey. By Integrating AI technology into our processes and decision-making it will allow us to gain additional unbiased insights that will complement our existing tools and processes
Ferdi Van Herdeen
Chief Executive Officer, 
Momentum Global Investment Management

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