Sphere Among The Leading Investment Platforms Of 2023

London, June 2023 -  MDOTM Ltd's AI-driven technology, Sphere, has been named among the leading AI platforms of 2023 by Digital Leaders, the premier digital leadership platform with 12 regional programs, expert opinion and networking for a growing cross-sector community of over 180,000 leaders.

The Digital Leaders list celebrates the teams and individuals who are working hard behind the scenes to secure the UK’s Digital Transformation in many industries, including investments. As the Digital Leaders Jury, made of over 20 industry Experts and C-Levels, claimed:

This price recognises an exemplary product or service, which over the last year utilised AI positively to make an impact in its respective area.

The finalists were selected by evaluating various criteria, including technical excellence, advanced technology proficiency, proven track record in the financial sector, potential for future developments, and team expertise.

As the financial landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, fueled by the explosion of data, evolving business models, and changing investment attitudes, staying competitive and meeting the demands of clients requires leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Sphere, our AI platform designed exclusively for institutional investors, seamlessly integrates AI into their investment processes. By harnessing the power of AI, Sphere generates comprehensive, data-driven analyses and forward-looking investment portfolios. Through assisted decision-making, our technology ensures that human expertise remains central to every process and investment decision. The synergy between investment professionals and Sphere fosters a more efficient decision-making process, empowering what either could achieve alone. Leveraging millions of data points across asset classes, geographies, and sectors, Sphere provides unbiased market views and supports investment professionals in portfolio management and asset allocation.

We are proud to be part the crucial role that AI plays in shaping the investment landscape and we firmly believe that the true power of AI lies in the hands of the individuals behind it. At MDOTM, we continuously challenge the status quo, pushing beyond boundaries to deliver exceptional value to the investment industry.

As we strive for bringing innovation in everything we do, this recognition further demonstrates our commitment and our dedication to providing investment professionals with the best technology to support their decision-making.

Learn The Science Of AI Adoption In Investments

Discover MDOTM's proven AI Adoption process specifically designed for C-levels and Investment Executives to integrate AI in your investment process and avoid disruption. Click below to discover how Sphere works and how you can start leveraging AI to improve your investment decisions today.

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