How To Integrate AI Into Your Investment Process: An Executive Guide

In this guide, we present an executive roadmap derived from MDOTM’s decade-long experience in supporting banks, insurance companies, asset & wealth managers in AI adoption.

According to the the CFA Institute, AI adoption between Asset and Wealth Managers ranks among their top priorities. As AI continues to gain importance in the growth strategy of financial institutions, it also comes as a great opportunity to enhance productivity, and improve existing investment solutions and results.

Step 1: Exploration Phase

During the Exploration Phase, financial institution’s decision-makers investigate and explore the benefits of AI applied to a specific part of their process, identifying the areas where AI can provide valuable insights and improvements.

Step 2: Partner Selection

As a result of the Exploration Phase, executives typically end up with a range of potential solution providers and then evaluate, based on a specific set of criteria, whether their solution can be applied into their existing framework and how reliable it is. Here is a list of factors to consider when evaluating partners:

•Track record of investment solutions & Open Innovation Projects

•Investment philosophy & approach to research

•Size of R&D department

•Ability to relate to different stakeholders & academic ties

Step 3: Investment Process Support

At this point, executives need to analyze and break down each step of their existing investment process.

This examination helps identifying specific areas where AI can provide valuable support, such as automation, data analysis, forward-looking insights.

By leveraging these opportunities, investment managers can strategically integrate AI to enhance their decision-making and gain a competitive edge by detecting new investment opportunities, and continuously adapt their portfolios to the constant evolution of financial markets.

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