Portfolio Advisory


Our Portfolio Advisory connects you with our AI and cutting-edge financial research to develop bespoke ESG Equity and Multi-asset investment strategies. We provide AI-driven investment inputs down to single instrument level, while you remain in charge of execution.

What Our Clients Can Expect

Customisable AI solutions for investments

MDOTM’s AI-driven models are designed to suit different investment needs: from the advisory of funds and discretionary mandates to insurance, pension funds, and family office mandates.

Development of a bespoke investment strategy

We help our clients craft a bespoke investment strategy. We employ our research and the best technology to create a unique solution that perfectly fits our clients' product range and meets their objectives.

Full control over
the execution

Our clients remain in charge of the execution of the investment strategy, while we work closely with them to provide ongoing support and the best technology for investment decision-making.

How we work with our clients

We understand your investment philosophy

We discuss our clients’ investment objectives and risk profile. We work together to convert the initial guidelines into defined parameters to tailor our AI models.

We train a bespoke AI-driven strategy

We train a stable and tailored model which uses AI to learn the structure of market dynamics to select a basket of securities that deliver a well-diversified and performing portfolio.

We constantly monitor and update the strategy 

Our solutions are continuously monitored and updated by our team of experts to reflect the latest R&D improvements. AI-driven investment models keep learning from new data and adapt to market changes.

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