Sphere, MDOTM's Award-Winning AI Platform for Investment Professionals


London, September 2023 - MDOTM Ltd's AI-driven technology, Sphere, has been recently recognized with multiple awards in the financial industry; in addition to being named The Best AI Technology Provider UK 2023 By Global Banking & Finance Awards, MDOTM Ltd has also secured two other recent remarkable recognitions: the Ethical Finance Awards for Best Holistic FinTech Platform 2023 and the Wealth & Finance Award for Best AI Investment Solutions Provider 2023.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sphere that can help you understand the value-add it brings to the investment process.

As Markets Become Increasingly Complex, How Can Asset and Wealth Managers Successfully Guide Their Investment Decisions? 

Today, increasing uncertainty and competition in financial markets have made it a priority for Investment Managers to have a solution that can help see the market’s underlying dynamics and their respective positioning with more clarity. This is why we developed Sphere, a no-code platform that leverages AI to provide unbiased investment inputs and manage portfolios. Sphere allows Institutional Investors to combine their experience with state-of-the-art AI, to perform data analysis, build market views, and create forward-looking investment portfolios. Every day Sphere analyses market, fundamental, and macroeconomic data points to study market regimes and provide unbiased market views across asset classes, geographies, and sectors to support asset allocation and portfolio management.

How Can Sphere Provide Customised Investment Views?  

Each institutional investor has unique investment preferences and risk profiles, which make every portfolio different. With Sphere, investment professionals can design their portfolios in every aspect, leveraging MDOTM Ltd.’s AI to easily integrate constraints, complex investment objectives, and custom views. From base currency to asset allocation constraints and more, the customisation at scale offered by Sphere makes it a solution that can be autonomously integrated and enrich any professional’s investment process. 

What Is One Key Element That Distinguishes MDOTM Ltd.’s Platform? 

When using Sphere, investment managers work in synergy with the technology rather than each working separately. Our platform provides relevant information so decision-makers can actively interact with it and proceed with their investment decisions. Sphere doesn’t exclude the manager’s point of view, but empowers it with investment choices assisted by AI’s inputs for a constant monitoring of risks, a dynamic analysis of market regimes, diversification between asset classes, and much more. Through assisted decision-making, Sphere ensures that investment professionals always remain at the centre of any investment decision. As a result, the dynamic interaction between investment professionals and the technology allows for a more efficient decision-making process, rather than if one of the two were to work on its own.

What is Sphere's Latest New Feature?

The integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT into our platform represents a significant step towards achieving Explainable AI for asset managers. By providing AI-generated commentaries and insights, investment professionals can now gain a comprehensive understanding of their portfolios and, consequently, they can make informed, strategic decisions. This new integration enhances transparency, trust, and accountability in the decision-making process, empowering asset managers to navigate market complexities with more confidence and precision.

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What Is Behind Sphere?

With a team of over 60 data scientists, engineers, and finance experts that monitors the technology every day, our proprietary AI engine is shaped, tailored and trained according to each client’s specific needs and requirements. We have built strong ties with industry and academia, resulting in an international network of universities and academic advisors called the MDOTM LAB. Over 20 academic professors and 30 PhD and Master's students participate in its activities, producing cutting-edge research at the intersection between machine learning, portfolio management, behavioural finance, ESG, AI ethics and responsibility.

We are proud to be part the crucial role that AI plays in shaping the investment landscape and we firmly believe that the true power of AI lies in the hands of the individuals behind it. At MDOTM, we continuously challenge the status quo, pushing beyond boundaries to deliver exceptional value to the investment industry.

Tommaso Migliore, CEO & Co-Founder

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