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Sphere: AI-Powered Platform for Institutional Investors

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The explosion of data, along with the change in business models and investment attitudes, has redesigned the modern financial system. As a result, it is currently undergoing a period of significant challenges and renovation that is hard to keep up with. Especially in the Investment Management industry, many decision-makers are now adopting new technologies, such as AI, as a critical factor to maintain a competitive edge and satisfy increasingly demanding clients.

Founded in London, MDOTM Ltd., the global provider of AI-driven investment solutions for Institutional Investors, addresses this challenge. With a team of over 60 physicists, data scientists, engineers and finance professionals, MDOTM Ltd. leverages the power of AI to help institutional investors build efficient, diversified portfolios and gain a competitive edge.

With an investment philosophy deeply rooted in the scientific method, MDOTM Ltd. combines its proprietary AI technology with a solid research approach to understand how financial markets work and evolve over time. Through this methodology, MDOTM Ltd. offers Portfolio Advisory and Asset Allocation Enhancement services – and just recently, its new AI-powered investments platform, Sphere. The new no-code solution allows investment professionals to easily integrate AI into their investment process to perform data analysis, build market views, and create forward-looking investment portfolios.

Tommaso Migliore (CEO & Founder of MDOTM Ltd.)

“The future of this industry is heading towards a deeper collaboration of technology with human experience. Our no-code platform is the result of Artificial Intelligence’s latest breakthroughs and the expertise we have gained over the years working side-by-side with our clients.”, says Tommaso Migliore, the CEO and Founder of MDOTM Ltd.Sphere allows investment professionals to integrate the inputs provided by Artificial Intelligence to monitor market trends, create, and rebalance portfolios, all whilst taking into account personalised views and scenario analyses.”

Every day, Sphere analyses millions of market, fundamental, and macroeconomic data points to study market regimes and provide unbiased market views across asset classes, geographies, and sectors to support asset allocation and portfolio management. Proven reliable through several periods of market stress – such as Brexit, US elections, the European Bond Crisis, Covid-19, and the Ukrainian War – MDOTM Ltd.’s AI is leveraged by numerous institutional investors across the UK, Europe, and the US. 

MDOTM Ltd.'s leadership is also the result of a close collaboration with academia, which gave rise to an international network of universities and academic advisors called the MDOTM LAB. In the LAB, PhD and master’s students, professors and MDOTM Ltd.’s R&D produce innovative research at the intersection between machine learning, portfolio management, behavioural finance, ESG, AI ethics and responsibility. 

Through its track record, academic excellence, and unique approach to financial markets, MDOTM Ltd. has proven its leadership in the investment industry and the reliability of its technology – even during major financial crises. 

Originally published on Financial Services Review

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