Leveraging GenAI In The Investment Process: MDOTM Ltd At The Institutional Investor's Roundtable

On February 7th, MDOTM Ltd's Head Of Americas Peter Zangari will take part in a roundtable organized by the Institutional Investor US Institute in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) to discuss how LLMs and Generative AI can enhance investment explainability and decision-making. Peter will share the stage with other distinguished panelists, such as Jonathan Berkow, Director of Data Science – Equities at Alliance Bernstein, Theo Bell, Head of AI Product at Rimes and Sudhanshu Bahadur, Global Head of Technology, BMO.

Responding to the enormous publicity around ChatGPT and other generative AI tools, buyside investment and technology executives are working overtime to use large language models to make the research and portfolio management functions more productive. This panel will discuss how Asset Managers are using natural language processing and LLMs to understand market dynamics, create automated reports on portfolio performance, summarize documents and create personalized portfolios commentaries.

In fact, Generative AI plays an important role in ensuring AI explainability in investments. It accomplishes this by generating comprehensive and clear explanations for the analytical output of AI. When investment professionals or clients receive AI recommendations, generative AI can provide detailed reports that break down the rationale behind each recommendation. These explanations shed light on why certain investment choices are made, helping to understand the technology’s reasoning, and ensuring AI explainability.

Peter will share how MDOTM integrated Generative AI & ChatGPT in Sphere, our AI platform for investment professionals. With the new feature Ask Sphere AI at their disposal, clients can delve deeper into their portfolios, seeking real-time insights and answers to their queries. The fusion of ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities with Sphere's data-driven insights offers a user-friendly and intuitive means for investment managers to interact with their portfolios.

Stay tuned to know the event takeaways! In the meantime, try for yourself how Generative AI can empower your investment decisions 👉 https://bit.ly/3EODQdO

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