The AI Renaissance

⌚  18 June 1956. Hanover, New Hampshire
This was the day AI was born. Since then, it has been a relentless race of innovation. And we are only at the beginning. Just last year, Math, Biology, Space Exploration, Investing have seen AI lead to enlightening breakthroughs. Here, we take a look at what these discoveries entail and why they matter to all of us.

🧠 AI is the Anvil, Scientists the Hammer
The strongest swords are forged in the hottest flames. And the same is true for AI models. Continuous learning is how they adapt when the market changes. It is why they become – as Nassim Taleb would say – Antifragile.

💡Welcome to the AI Renaissance
It is not about being overly optimistic about technology. It is about seeing where humans and machines add value to the investment equation. Similarly to how electricity and ultra-high-speed internet propelled our world forward, AI is the next ‘operating system’ of modern portfolio management.


  • It’s About Time! At 65, AI is Finally Coming Of Age
  • The Hammer and Anvil: Why AI is ‘Moneyball for Everything’
  • Don't Underestimate the Power of ‘Weak’ AI
  • Get the Sunblock Out. The ‘Summer’ of AI in Investing is Already Here
  • Is this a Rebirth, Revival, or Renaissance of AI?

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