Discover. Enhance. Explain: MDOTM's Main AI Use Cases in Asset Management


AI integration in asset management has become increasingly prevalent, offering transformative solutions to enhance investment processes and client outcomes. At MDOTM Ltd, we've identified three key use cases that underscore the profound impact of AI in asset management. From AI-driven portfolio construction to portfolio rebalancing at scale, AI integration in asset management represents a paradigm shift, facilitating informed decision-making, optimizing portfolios, and ultimately, enhancing client outcomes in today's dynamic market environment.


MDOTM Ltd has just attended the IMpower Fund Forum in Monte Carlo, the largest event for asset and wealth managers in Europe. The forum brought together professionals and industry leaders from all around the world to discuss and explore innovations and future trends in asset and wealth management and it's the number one networking event for global asset and wealth managers to build partnerships across public and private markets, distribution, asset allocation, investment solutions and business operations. MDOTM - the global provider of AI-driven investment solutions for Institutional Investors - was one of the sponsors of the event, held at the prestigious Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo. Our executives shared through an interactive AI experience how our proprietary AI platform Sphere can seamlessly integrate into existing investment processes to enhance decision-making, productivity, and efficiency.

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The event experience, called "Discover. Enhance. Explain", centered around the three key use cases that underscore the impact of AI in asset management: AI-investment Insights, portfolio rebalancing at scale and automated portfolio reporting.

"Discover": AI-Driven Investment Insights

The first AI use case for asset management we've identified is AI-driven investment insights. These insights serve to expand the investment team's perspective, providing tailored solutions for navigating the complexities of today's markets and enhancing decision-making capabilities. With forward-looking inputs for investment decisions, clients' portfolio accuracy and performance are elevated. This includes gaining a comprehensive market outlook across various asset classes like commodities, fixed income, and equity, as well as insightful market regime analysis, comparing current market structures to historical regimes.

Within this framework, asset managers have the freedom to choose their investment strategy while AI assumes the heavy lifting. This seamless integration allows for the alignment of portfolios with desired risk profiles, ensuring robust investment strategies. For example, Sphere provides a comprehensive suite of portfolio metrics, allowing asset managers to blend their investment views with AI insights effortlessly. This includes access to metrics like ex-ante portfolio analysis, exposure insights, and performance attribution.

Sphere's insights extend further, offering a range of tools and forecasts including expected returns, Var-Covar matrices, and market regime forecasts, among others. These insights are available both standalone and via APIs, providing asset managers with comprehensive market perspectives and strategic guidance. Overall, AI-driven investment insights represent a powerful tool in asset management, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing portfolio performance in today's dynamic and challenging market environment.

"Enhance": Portfolio Rebalancing At Scale

Another significant AI use case we've identified for AI in investment  management is portfolio rebalancing at scale. This means that asset managers, with the aid of AI, can efficiently manage and rebalance hundreds, if not thousands, of portfolios simultaneously.

For instance, Sphere, MDOTM’s investment platform, empowers investment managers to rebalance thousands of portfolios simultaneously with customized goals and targets. Whether relying on their own insights or Sphere's forecasted market perspective, professionals can tailor expectations regarding the future performance of asset classes, sectors, or markets. They can set precise portfolio targets, representing their desired objectives and allocations for specific assets, sectors, or other investment categories within the portfolio.

By establishing specific inputs and constraints and then allowing AI to apply these requirements and inputs to all the asset managers’ portfolios, the process of managing numerous portfolios becomes significantly smoother and more efficient. The investment manager focuses on strategic decision-making, choosing the strategy, objectives, and constraints, while AI handles the mundane tasks of rebalancing all portfolios. This division of tasks allows investment managers to concentrate on strategic decision-making and effectively manage multiple portfolios with ease.

"Explain": Portfolio Commentaries & Reporting

A final impactful use case for AI in asset management that we've identified is portfolio commentaries at scale and reporting. This generative AI use case for investment management allows professionals to obtain personalized commentaries and reports for their portfolios, regardless of the quantity.

Leveraging the power of Generative AI, asset managers can boost client engagement by providing custom and coherent commentaries for each portfolio. Through controlled Generative AI technology, asset managers can obtain reliable commentaries at scale, freeing up time for asset managers to focus on higher-value tasks.

For instance, Sphere offers commentaries tailored to the current macro and market regime, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. Asset managers can access macro commentaries spanning equity, fixed income, or commodities markets, tailored to their specific geographic focus. Additionally, in-depth market commentaries offer detailed explanations of Sphere's positioning indicators and provide a comprehensive market outlook.

Asset managers can Improve client engagement with commentaries for every portfolio, ensuring clients are well-informed. Individual portfolio and exposure commentaries further enhance the understanding of portfolio dynamics. With detailed analyses of portfolio profiles, exposures, and risk factors, asset managers gain valuable insights into portfolio performance. For those seeking a quick overview, Sphere also provides summarized versions of all commentaries.

Overall, with AI for investment management,  professionals can obtain optimized portfolios along with comprehensive portfolio commentaries, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing client engagement in asset management processes.

AI has emerged as a powerful tool in asset management, offering a multitude of applications to optimize investment strategies and enhance client engagement. From portfolio construction to rebalancing, investment insights, and personalized reporting, AI enables asset managers to navigate complex markets with confidence and agility. As the landscape of asset management continues to evolve, AI will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of investments, enabling asset managers to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market environment.

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